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Reviewing and Exporting Data in K-Console

This guide describes how to import, review and export data in K-Console. [4.1-Reviewing-&-Exporting-Data.pdf][1] [1]:

Exporting Levelling Data from Trimble Business Center to Excel

_**Description**_: A video showing how to export levelling observations from TBC to a text file for use in Excel. _**Video**_:

CAD Export and Symbols

This guide outlines how to correct the appearance of exported CAD drawings from TBC if they do not appear as expected when opened in AutoCAD. ** **[20.1-Trimble-Business-Center-CAD-Export-and-Symbols.pdf][1] [1]:…

Exporting an e57 file from Trimble RealWorks

**Description**: A guide on how to export and convert raw .tzf scans to an e57 file for use within RealWorks or other software such as ReCap. **File**: [16.1-Exporting-an-E57-from-RealWorks.pdf][1] [1]:…

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