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Updating a K-Console Licence

Once you have purchased or renewed a K-Console and K-Mobile licence you will need to enter the Private Key (provided by KOREC) into K-Console. This will allow for the synchronization of jobs via the cloud and also allow exports to a variety of different file formats. This guide outlines how to enter this Private Key i…

Updating Trimble Access Version and Warranty

**Description**: A guide on how to update both your version of Trimble Access and the warranty using Trimble Installation Manager. **File**: [27.1-Updating-Trimble-Access-Version-and-Warranty][1] [1]:…

Updating Trimble RealWorks Warranty

**Description**: A guide on how to update the warranty for a Trimble RealWorks license. ** ** **File**:[ 26.1-TRW-Warranty-Update-Guide.pdf][1] [1]:

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