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Defining and Draughting Attribute Labels using Trimble Business Center v4.1

A video showing how to define and draught attribute labels using Trimble Business Center v4.1 [Defining and Draughting Attribute Labels using Trimble Business Center v4.1][1] [1]:


**Description**: IRE Version: FAQ – OSGM15 and OSTN15 updated transformations. For Trimble Access, Survey Controller & Trimble Business Center Users – FAQ sheet and common questions. **File****: **[OSTN15 OSGM15 FAQ V3_Ireland.pdf ][1] [1]:…

Updating Trimble Business Center Warranty

A guide on how to update the warranty for a Trimble Business Center license. [25.1-TBC-Warranty-Update-Guide.pdf][1] [1]:

Shifting From an OSTN15 to OSTN02 Base When an OSTN15 Mountpoint has Been Used in a VRS Survey

**Description**: Using Trimble Business Center, this guide describes how to shift from an OSNT15 base to an OSTN02 base when an OSTN15 mountpoint has been incorrectly used in a VRS survey. **File**: [18.1-Shifting-from-an-OSTN15-to-OSTN02-Base.pdf][1] [1]:…

CAD Export and Symbols

This guide outlines how to correct the appearance of exported CAD drawings from TBC if they do not appear as expected when opened in AutoCAD. ** **[20.1-Trimble-Business-Center-CAD-Export-and-Symbols.pdf][1] [1]:…

Swap a font symbol in a CAD drawing after data export from Trimble Business Center

**_Description_**: To place a survey point marker on a line string, Trimble Business Center uses symbols located in a symbol font file, symbol.shx. If this font file is placed into the AutoCAD (or other CAD) fonts folder (e.g C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2018\Fonts) then a drawing exported to CAD format will disp…

Trimble Business Center - License Matrix

** **The TBC License Matrix provides a list of every function in Trimble Business Center 5.10 and shows which of the seven modules they are available in. ** **[TBC-v5.10-Licensing-Matrix][1] [1]:…

VRS Internet Download Configuration in Trimble Business Center

**Description**: A video showing how to configure Trimble Business Center to automatically download RINEX data from the VRS data server. **Video**:

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