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Clearing job files from your Android device

This guide details how to create free storage space on your android device. [Clearing_Job_Files_from_your_Android_Device.pdf][1] [1]:

Recording Data Steps in K-Mobile (Android)

**Description****: **The guide takes you through the steps of creating a new job, selecting your collection schema, recording data, queuing a job and syncing a job in K-Mobile for Android. **File****:** [15.1-Collecting-Data-with-K-Mobile-Android.pdf][1] [1]:…

How to Connect a TSC2 to the Internet via a Wi-Fi Hotspot Using an Android Smartphone

A video showing how to connect a TSC2 running Survey Controller to the internet via a Wi-Fi hotspot using an Android smartphone.

📃PDF - How to Tether a TSC3 to a Smartphone Using a Wi-Fi Hotspot (Android or iOS)

A guide showing how to connect a TSC3 to a Wi-Fi hotspot from an Android or iOS phone. [32.1-How-to-Create-a-Portable-WiFi-Hotspot-to-use-with-Trimble-Access.pdf][1] [1]:…

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