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Shifting From an OSTN15 to OSTN02 Base When an OSTN15 Mountpoint has Been Used in a VRS Survey

**Description**: Using Trimble Business Center, this guide describes how to shift from an OSNT15 base to an OSTN02 base when an OSTN15 mountpoint has been incorrectly used in a VRS survey. **File**: [18.1-Shifting-from-an-OSTN15-to-OSTN02-Base.pdf][1] [1]:…

Trimble VRSNow Network Base Station Coordinates Pre OSTN15 Change (August 2016)

The ETRS89 coordinates in the OS Net GNSS Receiver Network were updated to coincide with the introduction of OSTN15. This file provides coordinates for GNSS Receivers in the combined OS and Trimble network prior to the introduction of the OSTN15 changes in August 2016. The coordinates are provided in ETRS89 decimal de…

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