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Nodal Ninja User Guide

This guide explains how to setup the Camera on a Nodal Ninja and setup the camera parameters. The guide then shows how to use PTGui to stitch the images to create the Panorama. This is followed by how to match the panoramas in Realworks. [45.1 Nodal Ninja User Guide][1] [1]: https://hf-files-oregon.s3.amazonaws.c…

Registration with Groups in Trimble RealWorks 8.02

**Description**: A video showing how to register scans using a groups methodology. **Video**:

Scan Registration with Trimble RealWorks 8.1

**Description**: A video showing how to do automatic registration, create or modify existing targets and how to register all the scans to a coordinate system. **Video****:**

Exporting an e57 file from Trimble RealWorks

**Description**: A guide on how to export and convert raw .tzf scans to an e57 file for use within RealWorks or other software such as ReCap. **File**: [16.1-Exporting-an-E57-from-RealWorks.pdf][1] [1]:…

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