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K-Mobile for Windows Mobile

The file below provides the latest version of K-Mobile for handheld devices running Windows Mobile, as well as the additional files needed to run K-Mobile. For help with installation, please refer to _[this guide.][1]_ _[K-Mobile313.CAB][2]_ _[Trimble_GPS_driver.CAB][3]_ _[2015UKprojectionData.CAB][4]_ [1]: ht…

RINEX Base Data Download from VRS Web Site

A video showing how to download RINEX data for a fixed base station at one second intervals using the Trimble VRS Now web site service.

VRS Internet Download Configuration in Trimble Business Center

**Description**: A video showing how to configure Trimble Business Center to automatically download RINEX data from the VRS data server. **Video**:

VRS Download and PPK Processing in Trimble Business Center

**Description**: A video showing how to download VRS base point and post-process a PPK (Post-processed kinematic) survey. **Video****: **

Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

The following link provides a download for Windows Mobile Device Center 6: _[Windows Mobile Device Center ][1]_ To install the Windows Mobile Device Center: 1. Download the Windows Mobile Device Center Installer to your PC by clicking on the download link. 2. Select ‘Run this program from its current location’ and…

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